The 8 Key Pillars of #AW2020


Advertising Week is thrilled to introduce AW2020, a new digital-first virtual event with a laser focus on getting back to business, purpose-driven connections, and global scale mixed with local reach taking place September 29 - October 8, 2020.

Over 8 days and across 6 global markets, hear great ideas from interesting and impactful academics, technologists, marketers, brands, creatives and more.

The AW2020 agenda is focused on 8 key pillars, each with its own objective to create business outcomes – tangible actions & solutions for the biggest challenges facing our business and broader society. The pillars include:

Accelerationto grow businesses by leveraging data and technology

Communityto bring the industry together to support one another and create memorable connections

Creativityto champion creative ideas, content and experiences, and re-write the script for how we value creativity

Entertainmentto explore the future of how consumers engage with entertaining content and experiences

Equalityto fight for equality in the industry and in the work that influences culture

Leadershipto cultivate a new generation of leaders

Purposeto create value for society and the planet

Rebuildingto lay the foundation for businesses to recover and be fit for the future

Stay tuned for more information on all things #AW2020! Ready to buy a pass? Secure your spot today.