Introducing AWMoms!


We’re thrilled to share with you the exciting new initiative that Advertising Week has been working on: AWMoms.

So, what is AWMoms?

AWMoms is a committee of moms supported by Advertising Week who work inside and outside of the home; for themselves, for organizations, corporations and for their families. These women are focused on creating conversations, increasing collaborations and supporting actionable initiatives which will help find real solutions to parenting issues in the workplace.

Who are the brave moms that have shared their stories so far?

Katie Couric, Founder, Katie Couric Media
Ambika Pai, Chief Strategy Officer, Mekanism
Carolyn Montrose, Founder, Industrious Agency
Janet Balis, Partner, Global Advisory Leader for Media & Entertainment and Americas Marketing Practice Leader, EY
Jillian Goger, Executive Creative Director, Mekanism
Karina Vasquez, Founder, KV Consulting
Laney Crowell, Founder and CEO, Saie
Lainie Mulvey, Communications Manager, Facebook
Melissa Hobley, Global CMO, OkCupid
Monique Nelson, Chair & CEO, UWG
Ranae Heuer, President, Chicago & Detroit, Huge
Soyoung Kang, CMO, eos

Hear their stories, join the conversation and share your story at