Grow Your Network & Make An Impact With All New Connections Platform at #AW2020


As this year brings new challenges, AW2020’s primary agenda is to create an immersive experience for attendees that drives positive impact – both for businesses and wider society. With this, we’re excited to announce an all new connections platform in partnership with Givsly.

AW speakers will be joining the platform to donate their time to meet with attendees to discuss career development, partnership ideas or new business pitches. Beginning September 2nd, registered delegates will have the opportunity to make donations to the Ad Council and other non-profits to book meetings with industry leaders.

“Today’s world has closed doors to meet with clients, engage with colleagues and seek career advice and inspiration from those in our circles, let alone meet new people. The connection platform we have built into AW2020 opens new doors and pathways which are built for today, and will inevitably live on and become part of the permanent landscape going forward - - it’s a vital part of our mission and to do it in this new medium is humbling,” said Advertising Week Global CEO Matt Scheckner.

“When we built Givsly we didn’t know the turn the world would take. Creating social impact through business is our mission, so despite the challenges we’re all facing now, it’s encouraging to see the corporate world taking notice and doing their part. We’re proud to facilitate this and are excited for our first tentpole event with AW2020” said Givsly founder Chad Hickey.

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