Announcing the AWEurope 2021 Stages!


Returning for its ninth edition 10 - 13 May, AWEurope will be an immersive digital experience like no other. We're excited to officially announce our stages and tracks below.

The Studio
Quiet on set, cameras rolling! Each day, the main stage brings you Great Minds: the biggest names debating the biggest subjects.

Creative Showcase
Here it is, folks! For your consideration: maestros of entertainment, media, creativity and gaming, all under one roof. Programming Tracks include: Craft & Creativity, Gaming & Esport, TV & Audio.

Tech Labs
Get your lab coat on and test tubes at the ready, as we delve into the science of AdTech, the future of MarTech, and lift the lid on the audiences we all rely on. Programming Tracks include: AdTech & Programmatic, MarTech & Automation, Audience & Insight.

Innovation Factory
Roll up your sleeves and get ready for work. We’ll look at the nuts and bolts of great brands and the marketers behind them, the disruptors manufacturing change, and the cultural innovations hoping to make our industry better for all. Programming Tracks include: Culture & Transformation, Brands & Marketers, New Business Models & Building Back.

For learners of all types, each day we’ll bring you future-focussed Masterclasses and Workshops that provoke, stimulate and challenge perceptions.

The Forum
A place to meet, enquire and build relationships. From Deep Dives to virtual get-togethers, mentoring and VIP experiences, it’s all happening at The Forum.

Additionally, Creative Equals’ Rise is running all day Thursday 13 May.
This day is designed to create the next generation of leaders and those interested in rewiring systemic culture change in advertising and marketing for inclusion.

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