Calling All Great Minds: An Open Letter to the Industry


Dear Great Mind (yes, you!),

Now is the time to use our power as the keepers of brands and culture for meaningful change, and to return to our roots of reinvention to create an industry that we can all be proud of.

Since 2004, Advertising Week has been a mirror of our industry and the broader arena of business and popular culture. It’s where collective agendas are set for the year and where the most difficult and challenging issues facing our industry – and often broader society - are tackled head-on.

2020 was meant to be the year we reconvened and marched forward with a thought leadership foundation, environment, and experience. Instead, we are faced with new and accelerated challenges from the global pandemic to racial inequality to climbing unemployment that require an altogether different, global response.

With this in mind, we are both excited and humbled to announce AW2020. Taking place September 29-October 8, AW2020 is a reimagined event for a new world. Over eight days and across six global markets, we will come together as one through an immersive virtual conference.

AW2020 will focus on 8 key pillars, each with their own unique challenges to address: Acceleration, Community, Creativity, Entertainment, Equality, Leadership, Purpose, and Rebuilding. We will together drive action and change through a series of inspirational presentations, educational masterclasses, social learning workshops, immersive and entertaining networking experiences, impactful initiatives, creative campaigns and more.

Wherever you are in the world, we invite you to join us to develop solutions to the challenge of our careers.

Great minds think unalike. But now we must think together.

Secure your spot today.